Education Summit Program in Involve 2 Evolve

The nation is constantly developing and the educational ecosystem is evolving to keep pace with the development and fulfill the gaps in talent. Involve-2-Evolve Summit will provide a wonderful platform for institutions to learn about the latest technological advances in pedagogical methods that make learning more effective and easier to retain and go a long way in fulfilling the aspiration of the students. The discussion would also focus on launching new disciplines of study and imparting skills that are in demand and highly sought after by the industry. The best practices in parents’ role & involvement in performance of students as well as the management of stress levels would also be highlighted. Acknowledgement & due recognition would be conferred on those institutions & individuals who have made stellar contribution in the educational ecosystem.

Summit Mission

The Mission of this summit is to :

  • Help students & learners to fulfill their aspiration of high quality learning that would enable them to meet the growing talent needs of the market & industry.
  • Suggest the latest technological advances through which schools can make learning more effective and less stressful.
  • Suggest & demonstrate technologies through which schools can control operational costs
  • Share insights and best practices for stress control among students and also the ways in which parental guidance and involvement help students to excel while keeping stress level under control
  • Recognition & acknowledgement of institutions & individuals who have made positive contribution to the educational ecosystem

Welcome Note

It is matter of great pleasure & honour to welcome the delegates to this summit which is a bold initiative for fulfilling the aspiration of students and learners in learning new skills that would make them industry ready keeping in mind their well-being and also help institutions to mobilize more revenue while controlling costs.

Mrs. Priyanka Chatterjee
Chief Mentor & Presiding Chair